nude summer

nude summer

in love with the skull

Kiddos,im leavin to Sweden tomorrow. Is it just me, or Sweden is some sort of fashion capital? Well, i'll check that. Till then enjoy this:

Meet Rico, aka Zombie Boy. 25 years old model who tattoed his all body as a skeleton. And I must say I adore this look since the first moment i saw it on Gaga's video. Its not only a look, though. I love the aura and the sexiness hes bringin. These days theres a lot of argument and controversy about this whole eccentric way of attitude, fashion etc. But for me its all about the unique way of thinking and professional way of doing it. I respect people with a great consciousness, no matter how strange or extraordinary it looks.

Nicola Formichetti+Thiery Mugler+Zombie Boy

Oh and the quote i like.

"The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself."

c ya.


i never get tired of earrings.

though i stopped wearing them, i like to just..hm...have them . Arent we all just a little bit addicted?
And one offtopic. So inspiring. Just imagine someone could make clothes out of prints with these beauties.


wheres my head at

So i bought a black dress for my graduation and today i was looking for some accesories. And guess what, i had to go with PINK. Pink bracelets, pink lipstick and nail polish. However i still havent found right earrings. That'll wait.
1) First.well this one is really cheap nail polish i found in quite a strange shop. Had to dry it for half an hour but it was worth it.

Oh right, i also found a jacket which i fell in love just at the moment i saw it. love the shoulder pads.

The lipstick and the bracelets i told you about.
Sorry for the trashy quality of pics. If its even possible to call it somekind of quality.
c ya.


Recent treasures vol.1

Recent finds.
I have an addiction for earrings. I think its a perfect accessory.
Whats your favorite accessory?


in need for. part 2

I would certainly kiss those if i had them.