in love with the skull

Kiddos,im leavin to Sweden tomorrow. Is it just me, or Sweden is some sort of fashion capital? Well, i'll check that. Till then enjoy this:

Meet Rico, aka Zombie Boy. 25 years old model who tattoed his all body as a skeleton. And I must say I adore this look since the first moment i saw it on Gaga's video. Its not only a look, though. I love the aura and the sexiness hes bringin. These days theres a lot of argument and controversy about this whole eccentric way of attitude, fashion etc. But for me its all about the unique way of thinking and professional way of doing it. I respect people with a great consciousness, no matter how strange or extraordinary it looks.

Nicola Formichetti+Thiery Mugler+Zombie Boy

Oh and the quote i like.

"The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself."

c ya.

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  1. Rico man irgi labai patinka. Bet labiausiai patinka is visko, kur prie jo Nicola prisiliecia. As is tos meiles jam prisidejau ji i draugus facebooke - ten jau man jis mazuma per zostkas, su savo savotisku laisvalaikiu :)