wheres my head at

So i bought a black dress for my graduation and today i was looking for some accesories. And guess what, i had to go with PINK. Pink bracelets, pink lipstick and nail polish. However i still havent found right earrings. That'll wait.
1) First.well this one is really cheap nail polish i found in quite a strange shop. Had to dry it for half an hour but it was worth it.

Oh right, i also found a jacket which i fell in love just at the moment i saw it. love the shoulder pads.

The lipstick and the bracelets i told you about.
Sorry for the trashy quality of pics. If its even possible to call it somekind of quality.
c ya.

4 komentarai:

  1. I liked it too,though you have to make at least 3 layers of it to stay bright.

  2. Love the pink lips and the jacket! The zip on the shoulder looks great <3